Repair, restoration of various musical instruments. Tuning, restoration, rent, sale of pianos and pianos.
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    Piano strings

    The workshop offers services for the production of bass strings for grand pianos and pianos, either individually or as a whole set. More details here.

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    Our workshop has mastered a new type of service

    Now our customers can order a silent system piano installed on their home instrument or purchase a refurbished, fully functional acoustic instrument with the system already installed!

    The system is relevant right now and was created specifically in order not to disturb neighbors or sleeping household members with sounds.

    In addition, the system includes 129 timbres,
    the opportunity to record yourself and listen,
    There is also a built-in metronome pitch modulator,
    as well as the ability to connect to a computer.
    Details and videos are on social networks.

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    Rent of concert grand pianos in Odessa and throughout Ukraine!

    For the first time in Odessa, for public events (concerts, parties, creative evenings, including "OPEN AIR") it is possible to rent a WHITE PIANO
    About us

    We welcome you!

    On our website, we have tried to combine the largest possible range of services for a variety of musical instruments ... among them
    scheduled maintenance,
    sale of refurbished exclusive instruments.

    The list of services also includes assistance in holding and maintaining concerts and events of various levels (RENT OF A WHITE GRAND PIANO). Both children's parties and competitions and serious concerts of world celebrities are within our power. Piano rental with full turnkey service.

    Here you will find the specialist of the highest level you need. Extensive experience, work experience and internship in Europe.
    The list of tools that we know how to work with is constantly expanding.
    If you need to repair your musical instrument, be sure to contact us.

    Plucked (guitar, bandura, etc.)
    bowed (violin, viola, cello),
    reed (button accordion, accordion, bandoneon, accordion, etc.),
    keyboards (piano, grand piano, harpsichord, celesta).

    The organ of the Odessa Opera House is serviced by our specialists.

    Here you can repair ELECTRONIC keyboard musical instruments.

    We cooperate with the main musical institutions of Odessa.
    Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theater,
    Odessa Regional Philharmonic,
    Odessa National Music Academy. A. V. Nezhdanova,
    Odessa Secondary Special Music Boarding School prof. P. S. Stolyarsky.

    On the basis of our workshop, rather large-scale works are carried out to restore a wide variety of instruments from violin to concert grand piano. Detailed photos can be found in the section "our works".

    Our instruments were played by the most famous pianists of Ukraine and the whole world: Keiko Matsui, Khatia Buniatishvili, Sergey Terentyev, Alexey Botvinov, Pietro de Maria, Yuri Kuznetsov, Alexey Petukhov, Andrey Pokaz and many others.

    Our pianos have been on the stages of the Odessa Film Festival, the Jazz Festival, the Odessa Classics festival.

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    Our works